Invoice Financing Solutions for Small Businesses in Surry Hills, NSW

Turn invoicing day into payday with Selectpay Invoice Finance

In today’s uncertain landscape, Selectpay Invoice Financing gives you certainty over your cash flow. No more sweating on incoming payments to cover your business expenses and keep your business moving. You get paid fast and we take care of the rest.

How invoice financing for small business works

A single, simple process for multiple invoices up to your approved limit.

  • Upload your invoice and register

  • Receive 85% of your invoice upfront

  • Your client pays as per your terms

  • Once the client has paid, you receive the balance of the invoice

Take the headache out of getting paid

Selectpay Invoice Financing is a simple way to get the funds you're owed fast without changing your payment terms.

Keep your business moving with invoice financing

Don’t sweat on client payment to fund your next move. Get access to the funds today to support business growth.

One sign up, multiple invoices

With a fast sign up and a simple credit check, you can use the funds whenever you need them, up to your approved invoice financing limit.

Certainty over your cash flow

Manage payment of your incoming invoice as and when you need access to the funds, not when your client processes it.

A true business partner

We’re not your typical payments provider. Locally owned and operated, Selectpay was built by experienced business owners who understand the challenges of today’s landscape and can build a solution that works for you.

Looking for payment solutions for your clients?

Selectpay Buy Now, Pay Later, Growth Finance & Cashflow Finance are fantastic payment solutions you can offer to your clients, giving them flexible payment options while you get paid upfront.

Say goodbye to cash flow woes with Invoice Financing

Businesses across the country are getting paid faster, managing cash flow and supporting business growth with invoice financing companies like Selectpay. Talk to our team about how your business can benefit too!

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