Effective Small Business Cash Flow Management Solutions in Surry Hills, NSW

Purchase what you need today, pay in manageable weekly instalments

Purchasing the stock you need and getting access to the services you need has never been easier, we pay on your behalf up front and you pay us back weekly. A line of credit is then available to you so you can pay your suppliers in instalments as and when you need to.

How small business cash flow management works

A quick, easy signup plus a simple credit check and you can upload any business invoice for immediate payment whilst paying weekly up to 4 weeks. You can chose to pay the invoice back in full after 7 days or you can pay weekly for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. This can really help keep both you and your client’s operating a steady cash flow.

  • Transaction occurs

    Invoice received.

  • Selectpay it

    5-10 minute registration

  • Supplier paid in full

    Selectpay pays the full invoice on your behalf

  • Weekly instalments

    Option to pay back in 1, 2, 3, or 4 weekly instalments

You can also offer Selectpay’s small business cash flow management services to support your clients and grow your business

A true win/win solution that manages cash flow on both sides of the equation, Selectpay is:


By offering Selectpay to your clients, you’ll get paid upfront while your client can manage their cash flow with simple, cost-effective weekly repayments. With just a quick credit check – it’s a true cash flow management tool that works for both of you.


Selectpay suppliers pay no fee to offer cash flow finance, meaning that you don’t need to factor in additional costs. Your clients simply pay a small fee, as they spread their payments over four instalments.

Attractive to your clients

Selectpay makes your products or services more affordable for a wider market. Paying upfront doesn’t have to factor into your clients’ decision-making. They can leverage your expertise today and spread the costs over weekly instalments.

Fast & Adaptable

Selectpay ensures that you get paid as soon as your client loads your invoice. While your client is provided with an easy payment schedule, you don’t need to wait at all! We’re not your typical payments provider, we understand the challenges of today’s landscape and can build a solution that works for you.

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