Buy Now, Pay Later Solutions for Businesses in Surry Hills, NSW

Invest in your business today, pay later

Business growth requires investment, but with mounting costs and an uncertain landscape, it can be hard to maintain momentum. Selectpay’s Buy Now, Pay Later solution for business enables you to access the products and services you need to reach your goals and pay over monthly instalments, all for a simple transparent fee.

How it BNPL for business works

A quick easy sign up and simple credit check and you can upload any business invoice for immediate payment, and pay over four months.

  • Transaction occurs

    Invoice received

  • Selectpay it

    Upload invoice and sign agreement

  • Invoice paid in full

    Your supplier will receive your full payment upfront

  • You pay over
    4 instalments

    4 instalments taken over over 90 days

Support your clients and
grow your business

A true win/win solution that manages cash flow on both sides of the equation, Selectpay is:


By offering Selectpay to your clients, you’ll get paid upfront while your client can manage their cash flow with simple, cost-effective monthly repayments. With just a quick credit check – it’s a true cash flow management tool that works for both of you.


Selectpay suppliers pay no fee to use Buy Now Pay Later, meaning that you don’t need to factor in additional costs. Your clients simply pay a small fee, as they spread their payments over four instalments.

Attractive to your clients

Selectpay makes your products or services more affordable for a wider market. Paying upfront doesn’t have to factor into your clients’ decision-making. They can leverage your expertise today and spread the costs over monthly instalments.

Fast & Adaptable

Selectpay ensures that you get paid as soon as your client loads your invoice. While your client is provided with an easy payment schedule, you don’t need to wait at all! We’re not your typical payments provider, we understand the challenges of today’s landscape and can build a solution that works for you.

Looking for a BNPL for business solution for your clients?

Selectpay Buy Now, Pay Later is also a fantastic payment option you can offer to you clients, giving them flexible payment options while you get paid upfront.

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