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Selectpay is a cash flow management solutions provider that supports business growth, taking the stress out of business expenses and invoicing. Our proven solutions ensure healthy cash flow for businesses of all sizes to support growth and weather uncertainty.

Across all industry sectors, we drive cash flow certainty with payment options that cover your business expenses and make it easy for your clients to pay on time. From business-to-business buy now, pay later to selective invoice financing, we’ve got you covered with cost-effective, transparent and simple solutions.

More than simply another finance provider, we are a locally grown solution developed by business owners for business owners. We offer unrivalled support, with a dedicated customer success team in your corner to champion your growth goals and drive your business further.

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Meet the Founder & CEO:
Andrew Mckenna

Andrew is an experienced business leader with over 20 years’ experience running and growing successful enterprises in Australia and Europe. During his time leading businesses in the recruitment industry, Andrew witnessed first-hand the challenges of managing payments while focusing on growth goals.

Selectpay was born within Andrew’s own businesses, where he saw a need for an alternative payment solution that would help more clients access his services and support healthy cash flow on both sides of the equation.

Today, Andrew leads the Selectpay team to achieve this goal for businesses across the country, simplifying payments and driving growth to see the business community thrive.

Andrew Mckenna

Selectpay in action

Our partners and clients love how Selectpay is changing the game!

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Mounting cash flow issues were becoming an obstacle for some clients. They required the talent now, and knew we could help them source it, but upfront payment was difficult. Offering Selectpay shows our clients that we provide payment options if they ever need them, so they can access the talent they need today.

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