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Take the headache out of payroll with Temp Funding

At Selectpay Temp Funding, we specialize in providing essential financial support tailored specifically for Recruitment firms & Temporary staffing agencies. We understand the unique challenges you face in managing cash flow fluctuations, payroll obligations, and client invoicing. Our dedicated services are designed to empower your agency with the financial flexibility needed to thrive in the dynamic world of temporary staffing.

Fund your temps your way

A single, simple process for multiple invoices up to your approved limit that can grow as you grow. Fund invoices individually or as a bulk transaction depending on your needs and size.

  • Upload your invoice and register

  • Receive 85% of your invoice upfront

  • Your client pays as per your terms

  • Once the client has paid, you receive the balance of the invoice

Take the headache out of getting paid

Selectpay Invoice Financing is a simple way to get the funds you're owed fast without changing your payment terms.

Keep your business moving with invoice financing

Don’t sweat on client payment to fund your next move. Get access to the funds today to support business growth.

One sign up, multiple invoices

With a fast sign up and a simple credit check, you can use the funds whenever you need them, up to your approved invoice financing limit.

Certainty over your cash flow

Manage payment of your incoming invoice as and when you need access to the funds, not when your client processes it.

A true business partner

We’re not your typical payments provider. Locally owned and operated, Selectpay was built by experienced business owners who understand the challenges of today’s landscape and can build a solution that works for you.

Why Choose Selectpay Temp Funding?

Specialized Temporary Staffing Expertise: With extensive experience in the temporary staffing industry, Selectpay Temp Funding offers a deep understanding of your operational needs. We provide customized funding solutions that align with the nuances of temporary placements, ensuring you have the resources to meet payroll and grow your business.

Flexible Funding Options

Whether you need to cover payroll for temporary placements, or manage client invoicing cycles, Selectpay Temp Funding offers flexible funding options tailored to your agency’s requirements. We provide advances based on your outstanding invoices, ensuring you have immediate access to working capital.

Fast and Reliable Service

Time is of the essence in temporary staffing. Our streamlined application process and quick funding decisions mean you can access funds within 24 hours, helping you maintain seamless operations and capitalize on growth opportunities without delays. Our portal allows seamless uploads directly or through your accounting software.

Transparent and Competitive Rates

At Selectpay Temp Funding, transparency is paramount. We offer straightforward pricing structures:

We do not require you to fund all of your invoice book. You choose what to fund.

We have one upfront fee. (No line fee, monthly fee, account fee or any other of the
many fees our competitors may charge).

85% upfront paid and 15%retainer paid when Seletpay receive invoice payment.

There are no hidden fees – just clear terms that support your agency’s financial health.

Dedicated Support:

Our team of finance professionals is committed to your success. We provide personalized support throughout your partnership with Selectpay Temp Funding, offering guidance on funding decisions, financial planning, and more.

Have a permanent recruitment business and don’t know how to start a temp funding business?

Speak to our professionals today. We have assisted many businesses and
have an established referral partner network that can facilitate your temp business grow and

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