Manage your cash flow by paying your invoices over time

SelectPay provides businesses with increased cash flow by offering flexible payments of 4 equal instalments. 

Select Now. Pay Later.

Easy sign up and approval process using seamless technology


Increase Cash Flow

Recruiter is paid 100% upfront.

Monthly payments

Pay invoice in 4 equal instalments.

Low fees

No upfront application fee. One simple interest fee.


No lock-in contracts (100% flexible).

Attract new clients

Attract businesses that are impacted by cash flow.

Eliminate the “Fee Discussion”

Change the focus from price to payment terms.

Increase cash flow

Get paid in 24 hours of the candidate commencing.

No credit risk or chasing late payments

SelectPay collects on your behalf.

No set-up or admin fees


What is SelectPay?
SelectPay is a finance company offering Buy Now Pay Later solutions for businesses, to help smooth out their cash flow requirements. We offer businesses the opportunity to pay invoices in 4 equal instalments.
How much does it really cost?

With no application fee or ongoing admin fees, a simple per instalment fee of 1.0% of the invoice value is charged for the 4-instalment payment plan. Meaning 4% in total.

How much cheaper is SelectPay than competitors?
SelectPay aims to always offer the best pricing possible. We are not in the market to simply beat others on price alone. We strive to offer the best overall package with the best customer service and best in class solution.
What is the criteria for the business credit check?
The SelectPay application simply needs the business ABN.
How long until the business is approved?
Once all documents have been signed and returned, approval will be the same day, provided the credits checks are approved.
Is SelectPay available to me as a recruiter?
We provide payment plans for all types of businesses conducting B2B transactions.
How does this service compare to other BNPL providers?
SelectPay offers the simplest, quickest and easiest process with the least paperwork in the market. We offer the widest range of repayment terms, there are no lock-in contracts or hidden fees. We have been funding business invoices for over 6 years across many sectors and our interest fees are very competitive.
How long are the repayment terms?
4 equal monthly instalments.
Will SelectPay fund any invoice value I submit?
SelectPay can fund invoices of any value.
Are there penalty fees for missing repayments?
Yes. A late payment fee of 4% per month is charged if a direct debit is rejected and not resolved within 3 business days.
Is there a minimum or maximum number of invoices I can send for funding to SelectPay?

No, we can do as little as one invoice and there is no maximum (subject to business credit check).

For more information about how SelectPay can help accelerate your business growth please complete the form.