Get paid 100% of your recruitment fee upfront ​while your client pays in monthly instalments.

Accelerating your business growth whilst making your services more affordable

Selectpay will pay you 100% of your fee within 24 hours of the candidate commencing and the first instalment being paid, while your clients pay your fee over 4 equal instalments.

The Recruitment Cycle with Selectpay


Recruiter sends invoice to employer


Candidate starts


​Employer registers with Selectpay


Recruiter is paid upfront


Employer pays via instalments

The Benefits


Recruiter paid in full, up front

Business pays later.


Attract new clients by offering split payments

Cash flow issues for clients are removed.


Reduce fee negotiations

Move the focus from price to payment terms.


Receive your fee upfront

Improve your cash flow.


No chasing payments

Selectpay will chase all late payments.

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