Get paid 100% of your recruitment fee on placement while your client pays in monthly instalments.

Make recruitment services more affordable for your customers, by removing the question “How much will you charge?”

SelectPay will pay you 100% of your fee within 24 hours of the candidate commencing and the first instalment being paid, while your clients pay your fee over 4 equal instalments.

The Recruitment Cycle with SelectPay


Candidate starts


Recruiter sends invoice to employer


Employer uses SelectPay to choose a payment plan


Recruiter is paid upfront


Employer pays via instalments

The Benefits


Recruiter paid in full, up front

Business pays later.


Attract new clients

Cash flow issues for clients are removed.


Reduce fee negotiations

Move the focus from price to payment terms.


Receive your fee upfront

Improve your cash flow.


No chasing payments

SelectPay will chase all late payments.

How it works

6 Step Process

#1 Register

Complete the online registration form.

#2 Educate

Explain SelectPay to Your Clients

#3 Sign Contract

Sign the contract and submit the invoice.

#4 Pay First Installment

The day before the employee starts. Recruiter is paid 100% of the invoice by SelectPay.

#5 Monthly Instalments

Your client pays the balance of your invoice monthly to SelectPay.

Recruiter FAQS

What is SelectPay?
SelectPay is a finance company offering Buy Now Pay Later solutions for businesses, to help smooth out their cash flow requirements. We focus on the recruitment sector, offering to spread payments over 4 equal instalments for permanent placement invoices.
What Is Selectpay’s role?
SelectPay pays the Recruiter within 24 hours of a new candidate commencing work and the Employer elects to use SelectPay and SelectPay then collects the payments later from the Employer that is hiring the candidate in chosen monthly instalments.
How long are the repayment terms for my client?
Employers make 4 equal monthly instalments.
How much does it really cost?
With no application fee or ongoing admin fees, a simple fee of 1.0% of the invoice value is charged per instalment, 4 % in total.
How much cheaper is SelectPay than competitors?
SelectPay aims to always offer the best pricing possible. We are not in the market to simply beat others on price alone. We strive to offer the best overall package with the best customer service and best in class solution.
Who are the parties to the SelectPay agreement?
The Debtor Agreement is solely between SelectPay and the Employer that is hiring, as the Employer is required to pay SelectPay over the chosen instalment plan. The Recruiter is not included in the Debtor Agreement, as we pay them 100% upfront and there is no recourse back to the Recruiter.

There is an application form and Offer to Purchase Agreement between SelectPay and the Recruiter.

What percentage of my recruitment/consulting fee does SelectPay take?

Nothing! We pay you 100% of your invoice value.

Is SelectPay available to me as a recruiter?
All recruiters are eligible to use SelectPay for payment of your permanent placement invoices (temporary and labour hire invoices are not eligible for SelectPay) provided you do not have a current invoice finance facility in place with another provider for your permanent placement candidates. If your invoice for the finance facility is only used for temp hires then you can still use SelectPay.
Is SelectPay available for permanent and temp placements?

Please contact our team on 1300 566 299 to discuss such opportunities with one of our partners.

What is the criteria for the business credit check?
We simply need the business ABN. With that we can determine if there are any current default payments on file or adverse information.
How long until the business is approved?
Once all documents have been signed and returned, approval will be the same day, provided the credits checks are all in order.
What is the invoice amount I can process on SelectPay?
SelectPay can fund invoices of any value.
How does this service compare to other BNPL providers?
SelectPay offers the simplest, quickest and easiest process with the least paperwork in the market, we offer the widest range of repayment terms and there are no lock-in contracts or hidden fees. We have been funding business invoices for over 6 years across many sectors, recruitment is just one of them. Our interest fees are very competitive compared to other providers.
What happens if the candidate resigns or underperforms within the 3 or 6 month probation period?
We will follow the contractual agreement between the recruiter and the Employer. As the Recruiter will have been paid 100% of the invoice value by SelectPay, if the candidate underperforms or resigns within the replacement period, then the Recruiter is obligated to replace the candidate at no charge and the employer is still obligated to continue with their repayment plan until complete.
How quickly will SelectPay transfer the funds to me?
You will be paid 100% of your invoice within 24 hours of your client paying their first instalment.
Can we add SelectPay straight onto an invoice?
Yes you can. Simply speak to your account manager to get this organised.
As a recruiter, how do I use SelectPay to fund my invoices?
You should notify your existing clients and prospects that you are partnering with SelectPay. All your invoices can include the SelectPay details and link to the instalment offering. Our SelectPay customer service team will assist you wherever needed to get your business as a recruiter onboarded so that all future invoicing’s run smoothly through SelectPay.
How will I know if SelectPay has processed the invoice issued to my client?

SelectPay will pay you 100% of the invoice amount due to you within 24 hours of SelectPay receiving the first instalment from the employer. You are welcome to contact our customer service team on 1300-566-229 or to enquire if and when payment has not been received, should the funds not be in your account on the expected due date.

Will SelectPay fund any invoice value I submit?

SelectPay can fund invoices of any value.

If commission is paid straight away and payment is missed, how do you get it back?
Commission is paid 24 hours after the client pays their first instalment. SelectPay then takes on the credit risk of the Employer making payment.
How does SelectPay fund these invoices?

SelectPay has a wholesale debt funding facility with an Australian bank. Between SelectPay and our sister company TIM Finance we have funded over $850 million to $970 million of invoices over the last 7+ years.

Does SelectPay only provide funding to the recruitment industry?
No. SelectPay offers buy now pay later solutions across several B2B sectors. Feel free to email or call us for further details.
Where is the business located?
SelectPay’s head office is located in Sydney, but we service clients across Australia.
Can SelectPay take on old debt?
No. SelectPay can only finance current invoices for employees that have yet to commence their role. We are not debt collectors.
What if a business fails the credit check? Can SelectPay still work with them?
In some cases we are able to as there are many reasons why a business may fail the credit check. We encourage every business to apply even if they know there is adverse information.
Will recruitment companies still need a collections department? If so, what will they do?
Not every business customer will want to use SelectPay. For those companies that don’t and for temporary and labour hire invoices, they will require a collections department to chase unpaid invoices.
Can we be flexible with first payments to suit clients creditor payments?
Yes, however the recruiter will only receive their commission when the first instalment is received.

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