How rising inflation is impacting business cash flow and what you can do about it

As the pressures associated with the pandemic begin to ebb, we are seeing business confidence rise. However, the current economic cycle of increasing interest rates and rising inflation is adding new challenges for many businesses.

As inflation grows, the value of money essentially decreases and costs rise sharply. This has been further exacerbated by rising fuel costs, global supply chain disruptions, geopolitical tensions and recent natural disasters, here and abroad.

A perfect storm for business

For businesses, this is creating a perfect storm. The cost of goods is increasing, shipping is more expensive, and orders are likely to take longer. These pressures are likely to continue growing and many businesses may not have felt the full impact as yet.

It’s probable that most, if not all, businesses will feel some cash flow pressures as outgoings increase. In addition, incomings are likely to be impacted with supply chain and delivery delays holding up realisation of revenue and domino effects increasing late payment.

At present, some sectors are more heavily impacted, such as construction. Building materials are becoming harder to obtain and costs are increasing sharply. Many are getting caught out with fixed price quoting that is now making it hard to deliver in a financially viable way.

Some light at the end of the tunnel

Many experts are predicting that some of these pressures, particularly those related to supply chain, will be alleviated towards the end of the year, as supply catches up to demand. While this is good news, it still leaves a significant short term challenge for business owners  – how do you maintain a healthy cash flow in the interim?

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