Select Now. Pay Later. 

SelectPay makes it simple and affordable for companies to recruit without the stress of having to pay the recruiters fee upfront.

SelectPay offers you the ability to split the recruiters fee into 4 equal instalments.

“We help businesses thrive rather than survive”

The Recruitment Cycle with SelectPay


Recruiter sends invoice to employer


Candidate starts


Employer registers with SelectPay


Recruiter is paid upfront


Employer pays via instalments

The Benefits


Manage your cash flow

Spread invoice payments over 4 equal instalments.


Flexible payment terms

That suit your business needs.


Increase productivity

By hiring now and paying later.


Easy sign up & approval process

Through world class technology systems. No financial data required for approval.


Automated payments

Simply set up direct debit payments from your business bank account.



With leading recruitment technology.


Fee free

No sign-up or ongoing admin fees.


100% flexible

No lock-in contracts.


No risk

SelectPay will chase all payments.

How it works

6 Step Process

#1 Register

Complete the online registration form.

#2 Select Plan

Once approved select your 4 instalment plan.

#3 Sign Contract

Sign the contract and submit your recruiter’s invoice.

#4 Set up Direct Debit

Nominate an account for direct debit.

#5 Pay first instalment

The day before the employee starts. Recruiter is paid 100% of the invoice by SelectPay.

#6 Pay monthly instalment

Pay the balance of your recruiter’s invoice, monthly.

Employer FAQS

What Is Selectpay’s role?
SelectPay pays the Recruiter within 24 hours of a new candidate commencing work and collects the payments later from the Employer that is hiring in chosen monthly instalments.
What documentation is required for approval?
We only need basic company details (ABN; Address; Directors names etc.). No financial information is required. The process can be completed in less than 2 minutes.
How much does it really cost?
With no application fee or ongoing admin fees, a simple per instalment fee of 1.0% of the invoice value is charged for a 4-instalment payment plan.
Who are the parties to the SelectPay agreement?
The Debtor Agreement is solely between SelectPay and the Employer that is hiring, as the Employer is required to pay SelectPay over the chosen instalment plan. The Recruiter is not included in the Debtor Agreement, as we pay them 100% upfront and there is no recourse back to the Recruiter.
Which Employers are eligible for SelectPay?
Your business has to have an ABN to qualify.
What documentation is required for approval?
There is a short online application process. No financials are required to be provided.
Does SelectPay run credit checks on my business?
Yes, but only after receiving consent from you that you will be proceeding with the SelectPay payment option.
How long does the credit check take to complete?
Less than 5 minutes.
Does the credit check and using SelectPay affect my businesses credit score?
No it does not affect the business credit score.
Is SelectPay available for permanent and temp placements?

Please contact our team on 1300 566 299 to discuss such opportunities with one of our partners.

When is the first instalment payment required?
The first payment is to be made on or before the start date of the new employee, then all future repayments are made 30 days thereafter as per your agreement with SelectPay.
Can I change my repayment schedule?
Payment plans can not be changed unless you want to pay your invoice in full, the full interest will still be applicable.
Are there penalty fees for missing repayments?
Yes. A late payment fee of 4% per month is charged if a direct debit is rejected and not resolved within 3 business days.
What is the process I take if I'm going to miss a repayment?

You should contact us on 1300-566-229 or hello@selectpay.com.au at least 3 days before the payment is due to notify us. We can extend your payment date by a maximum of a few days, once within the payment plan.

Do you provide statements detailing all invoices that SelectPay is funding?
Yes this is available on request. SImply contact SelectPay customer support or your Account Manager.
If I am funding more than one invoice, will each have its own fees attached?
Yes, repayments are based on an invoice by invoice basis.
Are there any other fees that apply?
No. All our fees are fully disclosed upfront including, banking fees and default fees for missed or late payments.
What security is required?
Our security is over the business and its invoices, your personal credit file is not relevant.
How are repayments deducted from my bank account?
Repayments are made via direct debit orders from the nominated account or credit/debit card provided when signing up.
Do you provide statements reflecting repayment history and loan balance/s?

You can find your current loan balance on your online dashboard, alternatively you can request this from your SelectPay Account Manager who will email it to you.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of invoices I can send for funding to SelectPay?

No, we can do as little as one invoice and there is no maximum (subject to business credit check).

Is it possible to pay the outstanding balance off sooner than required? Are there any penalties?
Yes you can. Contact your SelectPay Account Manager and we will amend your payment date. There are no extra charges or fees for this.
Does it affect the business credit rating if a payment is missed?
SelectPay understands that every so often payments may bounce or a business has under budgeted for the month. In this case the business should contact SelectPay. If a business misses payments on an ongoing basis and does not rectify the situation, then a credit default may be recorded.
Who is liable if the Employer defaults on the payment plan?
The Employer that is hiring is 100% liable for any outstanding amount. The Recruiter is not liable.
What if the Employee resigns or underperforms prior to the payment plan coming to an end?
The obligation remains to continue paying SelectPay for the remaining instalments. If the Recruiter/ Recruitment Agency terms allow for a refund or replacement guarantee, they will be obligated to provide this to the Employer/Company that is hiring. Under no circumstances should you stop paying or cancel the debit order.

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