About us

Selectpay is a new flexible payment solution for businesses to accelerate growth by allowing them to increase productivity and cash flow without the headache of outstanding invoices.

Who we are

The Selectpay team is a dynamic and easy going team with over 100 years of financial services experience and decades of recruitment experience, that focus on customer success. We use technology and finance options to help businesses grow and prosper.

Selectpay is on a mission to help businesses accelerate growth without worrying about cash flow. By utilising our funding, businesses are able to unlock millions of dollars in working capital to continue growing. We have drawn on our decades of experience to create a business finance solution for recruiters by recruiters.

We have a very smart, hungry and humble management team that is dedicated to ensuring that we align performance, innovation, respect and integrity into our business culture in order to always deliver extraordinary results for our clients.

We exist to help businesses thrive rather than survive. 

We aim to deliver the ultimate win-win solutions in cash flow solutions for Employers, Companies and Recruiters.

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